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Imagine a real estate career where your potential is not just recognized but unleashed. Where the boundaries of traditional brokerage models are replaced with innovation, support, and unparalleled growth opportunities. This isn’t a distant dream—it’s a tangible reality waiting for you!

In the rapidly evolving world of real estate, aligning with a brokerage that not only understands but also anticipates the future, is crucial for any ambitious agent. The choice of your brokerage can either be the wind beneath your wings or the weight on your shoulders. Enter Real Broker: a paradigm shift in real estate brokerage models designed to empower agents like never before. Through innovative technology, a supportive community, and a business model that genuinely values your success, Real Broker stands out as the beacon for the next generation of real estate professionals.

And when you join through Premiere Group, led by the visionary team of Debbie and John McLain, you’re not just becoming a part of Real Broker; you’re elevating your career with the support of one of the most dynamic teams in the industry. Ready to unlock your potential and redefine what’s possible in your real estate career? Let’s embark on this transformative journey together. Your future as a top-performing agent starts here:  Join REAL Broker and Learn More!

In the vast sea of real estate brokerages, finding one that truly resonates with your aspirations and values can be daunting. However, Real Broker isn’t just another name in the industry; it’s a revolution. Here’s why Real Broker stands out and is redefining success for real estate professionals across the nation:

A Tech-Forward Approach when You Join REAL Broker

At the heart of Real Broker’s innovation is its commitment to technology. In an era where efficiency and accessibility are paramount, Real Broker provides state-of-the-art tools and platforms that streamline the buying and selling process. From an intuitive app that keeps you connected to clients and listings on the go to advanced CRM systems that help you nurture leads and close deals faster, Real Broker ensures that you’re always ahead of the curve.

Unmatched Flexibility and Earning Potential

Real Broker recognizes the importance of rewarding hard work and talent. Unlike traditional brokerages that rely on outdated commission splits and desk fees, Real Broker offers a flexible commission structure designed to maximize your earnings. With higher splits from the start and the opportunity to earn stock options, your financial growth is directly tied to your success, not just the company’s bottom line.

A Culture of Support and Collaboration

What truly sets Real Broker apart is its vibrant community of agents and brokers. This isn’t a cutthroat competition; it’s a collaborative network where success is shared and celebrated. Whether it’s through national networking events, training sessions led by industry leaders, or everyday interactions on the Real Broker platform, you’re never alone. This supportive environment not only fosters professional growth but also personal connections that enrich your career.

Commitment to Your Growth

Real Broker is invested in your development as a real estate professional. With access to continuous education, mentorship programs, and a wealth of resources, you’re equipped to expand your expertise and services. Whether you’re new to the industry or looking to take your existing career to new heights, Real Broker provides the foundation and support to achieve your goals.

Nationwide Expansion and Opportunities

With a footprint that’s rapidly growing across the United States and Canada, joining Real Broker means becoming part of a dynamic, expanding network. This nationwide presence not only increases your referral opportunities but also offers a unique advantage for agents looking to build their brand and reach in multiple markets.

In an industry ripe for change, Real Broker emerges as the beacon of innovation, support, and success. By choosing to join this forward-thinking brokerage, you’re not just making a career move; you’re taking a leap towards a future where your potential knows no bounds.

In a career where progress can sometimes feel like navigating through a maze, joining Real Broker offers a clear and direct path to accelerated success. Here’s why making the move to Real Broker can be the catalyst that propels your career forward, faster and more efficiently than ever before:

Leverage Cutting-Edge Technology

In today’s fast-paced market, having the right technology at your fingertips isn’t just an advantage—it’s a necessity. Real Broker’s investment in innovative tech tools puts you leagues ahead of the competition. From AI-driven analytics that predict market trends to virtual reality tours that bring properties to life for distant buyers, Real Broker equips you with the tools to meet the modern client’s needs effectively and efficiently.



Amplify Your Earnings when You Join REAL Broker


Real Broker’s modern approach to commission means more of your hard-earned money stays where it belongs: with you. This liberating structure not only increases your take-home pay but also reinvests in your success through stock options and revenue sharing. As your career progresses, so does your financial stability and potential for wealth creation, making Real Broker an investment in your future.

Thrive in a Community of Excellence

Joining Real Broker means becoming part of a vibrant ecosystem of professionals who share a common goal: to redefine the standards of success in real estate. This community is built on a foundation of mutual support, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. Here, wisdom and experiences are exchanged freely, fostering an environment where everyone thrives together. Real Broker’s culture is one of its greatest assets, propelling your career forward through collective success.

Unlimited Growth Opportunities

With Real Broker, your career is bound only by your ambition. The brokerage’s expansive network and resources open up avenues for specialization, leadership, and entrepreneurship that traditional models can’t match. Whether you aim to dominate your local market, expand into new territories, or build a team under the Real Broker umbrella, the platform is designed to support and scale with your aspirations.

National Presence, Local Impact

Real Broker’s expanding footprint across the United States and Canada offers unparalleled opportunities for networking and referrals. This national presence, combined with a deep understanding of local markets, allows you to make an impact where it matters most while benefiting from a broad network of like-minded professionals. The blend of local expertise and national reach creates a unique advantage in your career, enabling you to serve clients more effectively and build a reputation as a trusted real estate advisor.

By joining Real Broker, you’re not just changing brokerages; you’re elevating your career trajectory. You’re choosing a path that’s equipped with the best tools, support, and opportunities designed to accelerate your success. With Real Broker, the next level is not just a possibility—it’s your new reality.

Building a thriving real estate business demands more than just ambition—it requires a foundation that supports your growth, rewards your hard work, and leverages the latest technology to keep you ahead. Real Broker, understanding these needs intimately, has crafted a platform that not only elevates your business but does so with an unparalleled blend of freedom, financial incentives, and cutting-edge tools. Here’s how Real makes a significant difference for both individual agents and teams:

Join Real Broker

For Agents:

Empowering Financial Structure: At Real, the financial model is designed to put more money in your pocket. With an 85/15 commission split and a reasonable $12K annual cap, you quickly reach a point where you keep 100% of your commissions, minus a modest transaction fee. This structure ensures that as you grow your business, you see the benefits directly in your earnings.

Freedom from Monthly Fees: In the spirit of true partnership and support, Real Broker eliminates monthly fees, ensuring you’re not burdened by fixed costs. This approach allows you to invest more in what matters—growing your business and serving your clients.

Simple, Transparent Costs: Post-cap, the costs are straightforward: a $285/transaction fee and $125/lease transaction fee, with a minimal $30 BEOP fee per transaction. These fees are designed to cover essential services without eroding your profits.

Initial and Annual Fees: With a $249 sign-up fee and a $750 annual brokerage fee (spread over your first three transactions each year), Real makes sure that getting started and staying with the company is as painless as possible.

For Teams:

Tailored Team Support: Teams enjoy the same 85/15 split, but with caps adjusted to recognize the collaborative effort: $12K for team leaders and $6K for team members. After these caps, it’s a 100% split across the board, acknowledging the collective success of the team.

No Monthly Fees, Transparent Transaction Costs: Keeping the financial model consistent, teams are not subject to monthly fees. Transaction fees after the cap, sign-up fees, and annual brokerage fees mirror those of individual agents, maintaining simplicity and transparency.

Incentives for Leadership: Recognizing the role of team leaders in driving growth, Real requires team leaders to have achieved $5M in sales or 25 transactions in the previous 12 months, setting a standard for experience and success. Additionally, team members contribute a minimum of 10% of their split to the leader, rewarding effective leadership and support.

The Real Advantage: Whether you’re an agent looking to maximize your earnings and independence or a team seeking a supportive platform that acknowledges and rewards collective success, Real Broker provides the tools, technology, and terms to make your ambitions a reality. With Real, you have the freedom to work from anywhere, leveraging great splits and tech tools to build your business on your terms.

By aligning with Real Broker, you’re not just joining a brokerage; you’re choosing a partner committed to your growth and success. Real’s model is designed for real estate professionals who dare to envision a better way to do business—one that rewards hard work, values flexibility, and provides the technological edge needed in today’s market. Whether you’re flying solo or leading a team, Real Broker is the launchpad for your aspirations, enabling you to build and scale your real estate business like never before.


Revenue Share when You Join REAL Broker

The Revenue Share program at Real Broker offers an extraordinary opportunity for agents and teams to earn additional income by leveraging their networks, showcasing Real’s commitment to fostering a culture of collaboration and shared success. This innovative program is designed to reward your efforts in expanding the Real Broker community, providing a comprehensive and scalable way to benefit from the growth you help generate. Let’s dive into the details of how you can unlock these earnings through single sponsorship and co-sponsorship:

Single Sponsor Revenue Share

Joining REAL Broker

Unlock Your Earning Potential: As a single sponsor, you can earn a revenue share for each agent you bring into the Real Broker family, creating a passive income stream that grows with your network.

  • Tier 1: By sponsoring just one producing agent, you unlock Tier 1, enabling you to earn 5% of the company’s portion of the commission up to a generous annual cap of $4,000 per agent. This tier sets the foundation for your revenue share journey, rewarding you from the very first agent you sponsor.
  • Further Tiers: As your network expands, so does your potential income. With tiers ranging from 5% down to 1% of Real’s portion of the commission, your earning capacity increases with every agent that joins your network. The requirements for unlocking these tiers start at sponsoring a minimum of five producing agents, with the maximum per agent per year decreasing as you climb from Tier 2 ($3,200) to Tier 5 ($800).

Co-Sponsor Revenue Share

Join REAL Broker

Enhanced Opportunities through Collaboration: Co-sponsoring agents offer another avenue to earn revenue shares, providing a way to support your colleagues’ growth while benefiting from the expanding Real Broker community.

  • Tier 1: From the outset, co-sponsoring just one producing agent nets you 2.25% of the company’s portion of the commission, with a cap of $1,800 per agent per year. This tier acknowledges the collaborative effort in growing the Real Broker family.
  • Progressive Earnings: Similar to single sponsorship, as more agents join through your co-sponsorship efforts, you progress through additional tiers. The percentage decreases incrementally from 2.25% in Tier 1 to 0.45% in Tier 5, with the max per agent per year reducing accordingly, from $1,800 down to $360.

The Power of Your Network when you Join REAL Broker

Real Broker’s Revenue Share program not only incentivizes the growth of the brokerage through your personal network but also empowers you to build a significant passive income stream. Each tier reflects an increasing level of achievement in your sponsorship efforts, rewarding you for both individual and collaborative success.

This progressive revenue share structure encourages agents to not only focus on their sales but also on contributing to the collective growth and dynamism of the Real Broker community. It exemplifies a true partnership where success is shared, and everyone has the opportunity to benefit from the collective achievements of the network they help build.

Whether through single sponsorship or co-sponsorship, Real Broker offers a tangible way to enhance your earnings while contributing to a vibrant, expanding real estate community. It’s an opportunity to be part of something bigger, where every new member you introduce can lead to new avenues of financial growth and professional fulfillment.

Owning a piece of the company you’re helping to build isn’t just rewarding—it’s a game-changer in the real estate industry. Real Broker has innovatively structured its equity share program to ensure that agents are not merely participants in the company’s success but direct beneficiaries and stakeholders. By offering stock in The Real Brokerage Inc. (trading under the ticker symbol REAX on NASDAQ and TSX), Real empowers its agents with a unique opportunity to grow their wealth and stake in the company’s future. Let’s explore how you can tap into this opportunity and truly own a part of Real Broker.

Purchase Stock at a Discount with Commissions

Invest in Your Future: Real Broker makes it seamless for agents to invest in their future by allowing them to allocate 5% of their net commissions towards purchasing REAX stock at a discount. This innovative program not only enhances your investment portfolio but also aligns your financial growth with the company’s success. By opting into this program, you’re not just working for commissions; you’re building lasting wealth and securing a stake in a company that values your contribution.

Earn Stock by Capping and Attracting Agents

Rewards for Milestones: The moment you hit your annual cap, Real Broker celebrates your achievement by granting you shares of stock. This not only recognizes your hard work but also strengthens your connection to the company’s overarching success. Moreover, when you play a pivotal role in expanding the Real Broker family by attracting new agents, you’re further rewarded with additional stock, embedding you deeper into the fabric of the company’s growth and success.

Elite Agent Stock Awards

Recognition of Excellence: Real Broker goes above and beyond to acknowledge the accomplishments of its top-performing agents through the Elite Agent stock awards. Agents who reach specific production benchmarks have the opportunity to earn up to $24,000 in stock. This tiered recognition program is designed to not only reward exceptional performance but also to foster a culture of excellence and ambition within the Real Broker community.

Equity: Own a Piece of Your Company when you Join REAL Broker

A Tangible Share in Success: By engaging with Real Broker’s stock plans, agents gain more than just financial benefits; they secure a tangible share in the company’s present achievements and future potential. Real Broker’s approach to agent equity—through discounted stock purchases, rewards for capping and recruitment, and the Elite Agent awards—demonstrates a forward-thinking model where agent success and company growth are intrinsically linked.

Investing in REAX stock as a Real Broker agent means investing in a company that you have a direct hand in building. It’s a declaration of belief in the company’s vision, leadership, and the collective effort of its agents. With Real Broker, you’re not just earning commissions; you’re securing a piece of a growing enterprise, marking a significant shift towards a future where agents are genuine partners in their brokerage’s success.

This unique blend of immediate earnings and long-term equity in a publicly traded company sets Real Broker apart in the real estate industry. It offers a compelling proposition for ambitious agents: the chance to not only elevate their careers but to own a piece of the industry’s future.

Joining Premiere Group at Real Broker isn’t just a step towards aligning with a dynamic brokerage; it’s about becoming part of a powerhouse in the real estate industry—a Mega Team that offers unparalleled support, resources, and opportunities to its members. Let’s delve into why this collaboration represents a golden opportunity for agents eager to supercharge their careers, with a special focus on the benefits like leads, websites, and top-tier programs including access to, a hi.fello account for listing leads, and the industry-leading CRM, Follow Up Boss.


A Hub of Opportunities: Premiere Group at Real Broker

For those who are looking for extra support, joining a Mega Team such as PREMIERE Group is a great option.

More Than Just a Team: When you join Premiere Group, you’re not just joining a team; you’re becoming part of a family that’s deeply invested in your success. As a Mega Team, Premiere Group leverages the robust platform of Real Broker to provide its agents with an ecosystem designed for growth, innovation, and success.

Unmatched Lead Generation and Support

Leads to Propel Your Business: With the innovative approach of, Premiere Group ensures that you’re never short on opportunities. This platform serves as a lead magnet, drawing in potential clients and distributing these valuable leads directly to you. Coupled with a hi.fello account for listing leads, the group ensures a steady pipeline of prospects, significantly increasing your chances of closing deals and boosting your earnings.

State-of-the-Art Technology and Tools

Leverage the Best in the Industry: In today’s fast-paced market, having the right tools can make all the difference. Premiere Group provides its agents with access to Follow Up Boss, the best CRM in the real estate industry. This powerful tool optimizes your workflow, keeps you organized, and ensures that no lead falls through the cracks. It’s about working smarter, not harder, and with Follow Up Boss, you’re always on top of your game.

Comprehensive Support and Development Programs

Grow with Guidance: Premiere Group understands that success in real estate is not just about closing deals—it’s about constant growth and development. By joining the team, you gain access to a suite of educational resources, mentorship programs, and training sessions designed to hone your skills and elevate your career. Whether you’re new to the industry or looking to take your existing career to new heights, Premiere Group offers the roadmap to achieving your goals.

Collaborative Culture and Network

Strength in Numbers: One of the most significant advantages of joining a Mega Team like Premiere Group is the sense of community and collaboration. Here, you’re surrounded by motivated professionals who share insights, strategies, and successes. This environment fosters not just individual achievement but collective growth, ensuring that together, the team reaches new milestones.

Why Premiere Group when you Join REAL Broker?


The Premiere Advantage: With Premiere Group at Real Broker, you’re not just getting leads and tools; you’re stepping into a role within a community that’s committed to redefining success in real estate. From cutting-edge lead generation websites to the best CRM technology and a supportive, growth-oriented culture, the advantages of joining Premiere Group are clear. It’s an invitation to elevate your career, amplify your earnings, and be part of a team that’s leading the way in the real estate industry.

By aligning with Premiere Group, you’re choosing a path lined with opportunities for advancement, enriched by supportive leadership and a vibrant agent community. Here, success is not just celebrated; it’s created, with every tool, lead, and program designed to propel you towards your goals. Joining Premiere Group at Real Broker means setting your sights on a future where your career knows no bounds, and your potential is unleashed.

In the dynamic world of real estate, aligning with a brokerage that not only supports but elevates your career is crucial. Choosing to join Real Broker, and further enriching your journey by becoming a part of Premiere Group, presents a unique, dual-layered opportunity that far surpasses the offerings of traditional real estate models. Real Broker revolutionizes the industry with unmatched commission splits, technological advancements, and a culture that fosters growth and collaboration. By offering equity share, revenue sharing, and access to leading tools like Follow Up Boss, Real Broker ensures that your success is both recognized and rewarded.

Premiere Group takes this promise a step further by providing a community that thrives on shared success, access to exclusive leads through innovative platforms like, and the synergy of a team committed to redefining what it means to be successful in real estate. With Premiere Group at Real Broker, you’re not just joining a brokerage; you’re becoming part of a movement that champions the individual agent’s growth as a key to collective success.

Take Your Career to Unprecedented Heights: This is your invitation to explore a future where your ambitions are not only achievable but supported by the best in the business. Whether you’re drawn to the groundbreaking model of Real Broker or the synergistic power of Premiere Group, your path to a thriving real estate career is clear.

Don’t let traditional constraints hold back your potential. Reach out to us, schedule a call or meeting, and discover how joining Real Broker and Premiere Group can transform your career, your earnings, and your life. Your journey towards becoming a real estate powerhouse begins today. Let’s embark on this path together and unlock the extraordinary potential waiting for you in the world of real estate.


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John and Debbie McLain are veterans in the industry.  They owned their own RE/MAX Franchise, but saw how the real estate industry was changing, and changing quickly.  They sold their franchise and joined PREMIERE Group at REAL Broker.  Not only are they equity owners in REAL Broker, but also have a vested interest in PREMIERE Groups success.  The training and tools are unparalleled!