AMAZING Earning Potential with REAL Broker Revenue Share 2024

Real Broker Revenue Share

Maximizing Earnings with the Real Broker Revenue Share Chart



Real Broker offers a unique and transparent revenue share program that sets it apart from traditional brokerage models. By leveraging the Real Broker Revenue Share Chart, agents can unlock significant financial benefits while contributing to the growth of the company. In this blog post, we will explore how the Real Broker Revenue Share Chart works, its key features, and how to access your earnings insights through the reZEN platform.

Understanding the Real Broker Revenue Share Chart

The Real Broker Revenue Share Chart is designed to reward agents for bringing new talent into the brokerage. Unlike traditional profit-sharing models, Real Broker’s revenue share is transparent and directly linked to the revenue generated by the agents you sponsor. Here’s what makes it unique:

  • Transparency: Earnings are not tied to the profitability of individual offices, but rather to the revenue generated by the agents you sponsor.
  • Simplified Structure: Real Broker’s model requires building an organization only 5 tiers deep and 25 agents wide, with the highest payouts at Tier 1.
  • Immediate Rewards: Agents receive the highest payout benefits at the initial tier, making it easier to earn significant rewards without building a large network.

Key Features of the Revenue Share Insights Module in reZEN

1. Earnings Comparison:

  • Track your earnings month over month to see your progress and identify growth opportunities.

2. Unique Referral Link:

  • Share your unique referral link with prospective agents to grow your network and increase your revenue share.

3. Full Payment History:

  • Access a complete history of your revenue share payments, including pending and past payments.

4. Tier Progress:

  • Monitor your progress in unlocking additional tiers and see how many agents are needed to unlock each tier.

5. Total Network Overview:

  • View your entire network, including how much you earn from each tier and details on every agent in your network.

6. Detailed Insights:

  • Click on a tier to see a detailed breakdown of agents, their sponsorship percentages, and contact information.

How to Access Revenue Share Insights in reZEN

Step 1: Login to reZEN and navigate to “My Dashboard” on the left side.

Step 2: Click on the “Overview” tab at the top.

Step 3: Scroll down to the “Revenue Share Insights” section and click “View.”

From here, you can explore your revenue share insights in detail, including month-over-month progress, referral links, tier progress, payment history, and more.

real broker revenue share

real broker revenue share chart

real broker revenue share chart explained

Month-Over-Month Progress

The Revenue Share Insights module allows you to track how your earnings have changed from the previous month. This feature helps you understand the growth of your revenue share and identify trends.



Refer an Agent

Quickly copy your unique referral link and share it with prospective agents. This tool makes it easy to expand your network and increase your revenue share earnings. New to the program? Click “Learn More” to find out more about Real Broker’s revenue share.

Tier Progress in REAL Broker Revenue Share Chart

See how many agents are required to unlock each tier and your current progress. Note that co-sponsored agents appear as 0.5 towards unlocking a tier. Clicking on a tier provides detailed information about agents in that tier, their sponsorship percentage, and their production status.


Contributions per Tier – Real Broker Revenue Share

Track your earnings by day, week, month, or year. Greyed-out tiers show potential earnings if additional agents are attracted and tiers are unlocked. Clicking on any tier reveals details about agents contributing to your revenue share earnings.

Payment History and Badges – REAL Broker Revenue Share

View your pending and past payments, and keep track of milestones with badges. Earn badges as you progress, motivating you to reach new goals and unlock higher rewards.

Conclusion of REAL Broker Revenue Share

The Real Broker Revenue Share Chart offers a revolutionary way to maximize your earnings by rewarding you for recruiting and supporting productive agents. With the Revenue Share Insights module in reZEN, you can easily track your earnings, monitor progress, and take actionable steps to grow your network.

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Q1: What is the revenue share plan for Real Brokerage?

Answer: The revenue share plan for Real Brokerage allows agents to earn a percentage of the revenue generated by the agents they recruit. The plan is structured in multiple tiers, with higher percentages awarded for direct recruits. Agents can unlock additional tiers based on the productivity and recruitment of their network, providing substantial financial incentives and passive income opportunities.

Q2: What is revenue share in real estate?

Answer: Revenue share in real estate is a compensation model where agents earn a portion of the revenue from the sales made by other agents they have recruited to the brokerage. This model incentivizes agents to grow the brokerage by bringing in new talent, and it creates a continuous income stream based on the performance of their recruits.

Q3: What is a typical revenue sharing percentage?

Answer: A typical revenue sharing percentage varies among brokerages, but it generally ranges from 5% to 50% of the revenue generated by recruited agents, depending on the brokerage’s specific plan and tier structure. Real Brokerage offers competitive percentages, especially for direct recruits, and agents can earn additional percentages as they unlock higher tiers.

Q4: Is Real Brokerage profitable?

Answer: Yes, Real Brokerage is profitable. The company’s innovative revenue share model and emphasis on transparency and agent support have contributed to its financial success. By offering substantial financial incentives and a supportive work environment, Real Brokerage continues to attract and retain top talent, driving profitability.