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Join Real Broker LLC

Join REAL Broker and step into the future of the real estate industry, with Real Broker, LLC

In an evolving real estate landscape partnering with a brokerage that not only comprehends but also foresees these changes is essential for any ambitious real estate agent. Real Broker LLC leads the way in this transformation by offering a mix of cutting-edge technology unmatched support and a collaborative culture focused on growth.

Joining Real Broker signifies more than changing agencies. It symbolizes a dedication to excellence a move towards unlocking your potential and an opportunity to become part of a community that prioritizes success, innovation, and personal development. With Real Broker you’re not just earning commissions; you’re establishing a career supported by the technology guided by industry experts and championed by a network of professionals invested in your success.

Just SOME Of the Reasons to Join REAL Broker

As we explore the reasons to “Join Real Broker ” remember that each word is grounded in the achievements of agents who have taken the leap and never looked back. From state-of-the-art resources to a commission structure crafted with your prosperity, in mind, Real Broker LLC is where your real estate journey can truly thrive.

join real broker llc

Why Join Real Broker?  It is a New Era of Real Estate Success!

Are you ready to embark on a journey, in the real estate sector that is reshaping the definition of success? Join Real Broker LLC as it stands out as more than a brokerage; it’s a vibrant community where innovation, support, and progress converge to offer exceptional opportunities for real estate agents across the country. If you’ve been searching for a platform to propel your career to heights now is the time to explore why becoming part of Real Broker LLC could be the ideal step, for your future. Dive into the advantages, atmosphere, and cutting-edge technology that distinguish Real Broker in the realm of estate.

Join REAL Broker and Experience the Advantage:

  1. Innovative Technology and Tools:   When you Join REAL Broker, you receive plug-and-play marketing to hit the ground running.  Experience the new AI Powered, LEO, and ask it any question you have to receive your answer immediately.  Need to know when your license expires?  Want to know how many transactions you need until you cap?  LEO, REAL Broker’s AI will have the answer immediately.  You will also receive CHIME CRM.  One of the best and most powerful Systems to generate leads.
  2. Unmatched Support and Training:   No matter what level you are in your real estate career, join REAL Broker and the REAL Academy to help you get on track with the 12-week agent training.  This will help new real estate agents dive into production as soon as possible.
  3. Competitive Commission Structure: When you Join REAL Broker, you will have one of the most attractive commission models.  You can maximize your earnings quickly!  With an 85-15 and a Low Cap of $12,000, experience what it is like to build other forms of income.  As you build your sales numbers, you will earn Stock with REAX.  What other company has a retirement plan option with revenue share?
  4. Culture of Collaboration and Growth:  When you join REAL Broker, you will immediately be involved in a community of encouragement.  With REAL’s collaborative environment and growth mindset, so long are the days of being in SILOs and left on an island.

Success Stories when you Join REAL Broker:

I personally owned a RE/MAX Franchise with my wife.  We then sold the franchise and went to eXp Realty for a very short time.  What we found there was extreme isolation depending on who your senior partners were.  This made Silos and held agents on an island, all by themselves.  If you wanted to know best practices and learn from a great real estate agent, you couldn’t.  Unless you paid a significant sum of money.  When we left eXp Realty, we joined REAL Broker.  Even better, we merged our team with PREMIERE Group at REAL Broker.  With their tools and support, we have doubled our efficiency, streamlining the mundane and time-wasting efforts.

How to Join Real Broker:

Joining REAL Broker is easy.  But what you will want to do is schedule a call with me today to discuss.  We really recently went through the process and it is fresh in our minds.  

join real broker llc

join real broker



Conclusion and Ways to Join REAL Broker:


As we’ve explored the range of opportunities, at Real Broker, LLC it’s evident that this isn’t just about becoming part of a brokerage. It’s about embracing a future where your real estate career knows no bounds. From the state-of-the-art technology that simplifies your transactions to the community that nurtures your growth, Real Broker serves as a guiding light for those prepared to redefine success on their terms. Here, innovation intersects with opportunity empowerment blends with support and ambition aligns with realization.

Opting to join Real Broker means choosing a path filled with possibilities. A commitment to elevate your career enhance your life and connect with a community that genuinely values your achievements. With Real Broker you’re not simply making a change; you’re laying the groundwork for accomplishments in an industry ripe for transformation.


Call to Action Joining REAL Broker;

Are you prepared to step into a future in Real estate? Join Real Broker, LLC today. Transform your dreams into reality. Explore our website to discover the journey that lies ahead. Have a conversation with one of our team members for an insider’s view, on how Real Broker can impact your career. Don’t let another day go by without pursuing your potential.

Come join us. Let’s work together to influence the future of the real estate industry.

Your new journey starts here.

Are you looking to explore further and not just interested in Joining REAL Broker but also PREMIERE Group?  


PREMIERE Group at REAL Broker LLC is one of the country’s fastest-growing and most productive MEGA Teams.  With over 200 agents, in 21 states, and one transaction every 12.5 hours, the opportunity is unlimited!

PREMIERE Group at REAL Broker has tested and continuously refined their brokerage framework to provide agents with qualified leads and all the resources they need to exceed expectations. No matter what your career goals look like, you’ll find success at PREMIERE.

PREMIERE Group has a footprint that stretches across the country – and they’re constantly looking for motivated agents to grow. With leadership and mentorship opportunities, agents have limitless personal and professional growth potential.

PREMIERE Group’s goal is to empower real estate agent’s success, not just fill positions. At the heart of their approach is an agent-centric culture, complemented by a rewarding commission structure.   PREMIERE Group offers revenue-sharing and diverse opportunities designed to elevate real estate agent’s business to new heights.

Want to learn more about PREMIERE Group and Dave Keener?  Check out this link here!


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