Rio Lloyd: From Hospitality to Real Estate Success with PREMIERE

Journey to PREMIERE

Rio Lloyd joined PREMIERE in August 2022 after searching for the right team to align with. Introduced by a Florida Team Leader who took the time to explain PREMIERE’s unique offerings, Rio made the move within a week.

Initial Impressions and Experience

From the outset, Rio felt that PREMIERE was like a family—genuine and supportive. One aspect that particularly stood out was how many people genuinely cared, fostering a collaborative and nurturing environment.

Collaboration at PREMIERE

Rio has experienced various forms of collaboration within PREMIERE, including:

  • Being tagged in referrals
  • Receiving support and encouragement on social media
  • Creating videos together with fellow members

Tips for Other Agents

Rio’s best tip for fellow agents is to be proactive. Success in the real estate business stems from determination and persistence.

Areas of Expertise

  • Relocation
  • Luxury
  • Listings

Professional Background

Rio’s career journey includes experience with EXP, followed by joining PREMIERE, and subsequently Real Broker, before returning to PREMIERE.

Certifications and Achievements

Rio holds several certifications, including:

  • REO/RELO/Affinity/RENE/GRI

Before transitioning to real estate, Rio worked in hospitality, where she consistently earned the Employee of the Month award at every company she worked for.

Fun Fact

A quirky fact about Rio: she doesn’t eat veggies!


Rio Lloyd’s journey with PREMIERE highlights the power of a supportive and collaborative environment in driving success. Her proactive approach and dedication have made her a standout Sr. Partner at PREMIERE.

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