#1 In-Depth REAL Broker Review – Is Real Broker Right for You?

REAL Broker Review

My REAL Broker Review


I have been working as a Senior Partner with PREMIERE Group at REAL Broker for roughly two months now.  In that time I have closed several deals and would like to share my honest thoughts and experiences thus far.


REAL Broker Review – Cloud Based


No Physical Office Space you ask?

A big question real estate agents ask me is about working in a cloud-based brokerage.  Their biggest concern is how it would feel to not have a physical office.

I have spent several months without access to any office space during the pandemic and it did not affect my business at all!

Honestly, throughout 2020, I rarely if ever found it completely necessary to step into the office.

All of our trainings were live-streamed on social media platforms and commission checks were directly deposited into my account.

REAL Broker Review – Think of Sears versus Amazon


Simply put, cloud-based brokerage is the way of the future.  Think of SEARS VS. Amazon.

Did you ever think SEARS would not be around any longer?  How many people remember the holiday gift catalog that came out?

The antiquated concept of eal estate franchises began in 1907.    That is over a century old!  Unbelievable.

The future is cloud-based just like Sears and Amazon.  You can already see this in how well and how fast REAL Broker is growing.

If you do not have the ability to work from home, look at the cost savings.

I worked at Keller Williams.  The cap at the Keller Williams market center I was at was $28,000.

In addition, we paid a 6% franchise fee!  That never went away!  On top of this, we received a Profit Share that was peanuts comparatively.

Now, with only a $12,000 cap and the convenience of working from my home office, I already am saving $16,000 annually.

If it was ever needed, it is simple to find a cheap shared office space in which I could go to.

We also have great relationships with our lenders and they are more than happy to allow me to use their office space.

There has been no negative impact on my business in any way.  I no longer need to spend an hour every day commuting to an office.

That time adds up.  If anything, it has made me more productive because it has given me an extra 6+ hours a week.

Think of what you could do with almost an extra workday in your life each and every week!

REAL Broker Review – FEEs


A HUGE compelling factor that draws individuals to REAL Broker is their fees.

They have a $12,000 cap with no charges and cover your E&O Insurance.

After I signed up, I could not find any hidden fees just to be sure.

Their fee structure is simple:


real broker review Fees

REAL Broker Review – Revenue Share


REAL Broker offers other income opportunities for Agents.

This is done through their “Revenue Share” program,

While this may sound similar to what Keller Williams Does, it is not.  In fact it is drastically different.

Keller Williams has “Profit Sharing.”

REAL’s revenue share concept is similar to what eXp Realty currently offers.

REAL Broker offers payouts for agents you bring in under you in Tiers.

REAL Broker Review

When you assist in expanding the company by attracting real estate agents, they thank you with shares of their stock, REAX.

From the $12,000 cap, the revenue share is taken from the COMPANY’S Dollar, not yours.

On Tier – 1, you have the opportunity to earn $4,000 annually from bringing on an agent in your network.

eXp Realty’s tier one is only $2,800.

Better yet, REAL Broker has 5 tiers.

real broker review revenue share

Real Broker Review of co-sponsoring.  Even more excitingly, you can also co-sponsore real estate agents.  If you are in New Jersey, and have a person in California, you may co-sponsor that agent with better support from a REAL Broker in California.

Additionally, they share a portion of the cap they gain from any agents THAT AGENT attracts down 5 tiers.

What is so great about this Revenue Share?  You now have another income stream.  Not just from Selling homes!  Does your current brokerage offer something similar to a retirement or other avenue for income streams?

Senior partners in your network are motivated to support the growth of your business!  You will not feel isolated or stranded.

They do not receive revenue share unless YOU deliver results.

The concept of Revenue Share fosters a culture of sharing best practices and mutual assistance among real estate agents.

So far I have brought on 7 real estate agents into the company who are my junior partners in my network.

I have gone above and beyond to assist them in adapting all the technology that REAL Offers.


REAL Broker Review – Recruiting


It is pretty easy to explain the plethora of advantages of a cloud-based brokerage model over the antiquated franchise model.

The majority of real estate agents are already set to save money by joining REAL Broker compared to their current brokerage.

REAL Broker simply offers more value than any other company out there can.

For example, with Keller Williams, you could already be saving tens of thousands annually!

That is huge!  It can simply transform a real estate agent’s life.

Think of what the extra money can go towards in order to transform and grow your business.

REAL Broker can truly make a difference in the lives of so many real estate agents.

REAL Broker Review – Culture


The atmosphere among REAL Broker Agents is unbelievably positive!

REAL has attracted technologically advanced agents, and has an incredible wealth of experts.

Think of how much better your business would be with better video marketing, digital marketing, and social media.

Better yet, there are no “Silos” or “Islands” like eXp Realty.

What you may find with eXp Realty, is that if you are not in the “Guru’s” downline or network, you are on your own isolated island.

Work Hard, Be Kind is REAL Broker’s slogan.  What else is there to say?

At REAL Broker, all agents are motivated to help each other.  Once you own REAX, you are part owner of the company.

How many real estate agents can say they are part owners in their current brokerage?  Not many.  Can you?

Through revenue sharing, there is an incentive to support the growth of agents in your network, and also elsewhere.

REAL Broker also offers ways to earn company stock at a discount and / or for free.

By assisting each other in success and growth, the value of the stock you own will increase increase in value.

Final REAL Broker Review

With over  17,000 agents REAL is still relatively small.  The company has a foundation set for explosive growth!

The technology provided to the agents surpasses anything I have ever experienced.

The stock bonuses and revenue-sharing model is exceptional and is trailblazing.

REAX holds REAL Broker, One REAL Mortgage, and One REAL Title.

While the business grows, and agents join the future, which is cloud-based brokerages, the stock is poised to increase.

Over the next 10 years, cloud-based brokerages are going to become the standard in the real estate industry.  Franchise-based brokerages are going to be scrambling to copy REAL Broker’s model.  Again  Sears vs. Amazon.

Being an agent at REAL,  you are part of a positive culture.  The cultural revolution within the real estate industry is indescribable.  My one Real Broker Review has one regret, that I did not join REAL Broker sooner.

Did you get anything out of this REAL Broker Review?  Schedule a FREE 1-ON-1 Video Call, completely private.  See if REAL Broker would be a good fit for your business!

If you are ready to join REAL, and want to join an amazing network, I would love to sponsor you!  This is no additional cost to you!  In our network, we have a vested interest in your success.  When signing your Independent Contractor Agreeme,t just put my name, John McLain, down as your “Sponsoring Agent”  and I will be your Senior Partner in our Network!



If you found my REAL Broker review useful, and still have more questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly!   908-503-5485

This REAL Broker review is a personal experience of joining REAL broker, LLC.  I am also team leader and senior partner of one of America’s fastest-growing Mega Teams, PREMIERE Group at REAL.



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